Heated Flooring

Heated Flooring

Kitchen with custom lighting

Having cold feet on your wedding day, about a business idea, or simply while you are washing hands in your own bathroom is no fun. Our electricians, Aaron and Jason, are honest guys. They will tell you that they might not know what to do about your relationship trouble. But, they will do their best to make it up to you by installing some quality heated floors.

When one of our boys knocks on your door, expect to be met with a respectable handshake and the earnest ear of someone who wants to get the job done right. Diligent work and understanding is what we strive for at ProAmp electric.

After having to emerge from your bed covers in the middle of the night to make a trip to the restroom, the last thing you want is to tiptoe over icy tiles. While beautiful, tiles don’t hold heat making owning an adequate heating system important. Our electrical heated flooring system solves this problem by giving you the option to keep your floor at the temperature of your choice.

We install many varieties of floor heating systems including “Nuheat” and “Flextherm”. At ProAmp, we work with electrical floor heating systems that are designed to heat up tiled surfaces. Common examples of these spaces are bathrooms and kitchens.

Our heating methods employ non-corrosive, flexible materials such as cable mats, wires, carbon films or specialized bronze mesh. These instruments are installed directly under the flooring, creating a visually appealing and convenient heating system.

On heated flooring:

Heated flooring was invented over 5000 years ago by the ancient Koreans. There is Archeological evidence of “baked floors” which were heated up by their hearths in certain dwellings. Heated floors continued to be used throughout the ancient world by the Greeks and Romans. They also have a rich history through the dark ages in the Middle East, through the Renaissance and even to present day. While most heated flooring was based around hot water historically, what we install in your home is the result of 5000 years of collective innovation, leading us to the systems we have today.

Are you interested in getting heated floors installed in an area of your home? Call ProAmp electric and we can help you install your heated flooring system.