Electric Vehicle Charging Station

Electric Vehicle Chargers

If you’ve been following the trends of the automotive industry, you’ve probably noticed electric vehicles becoming more and more common on the road. Gas powered cars are expensive to fuel and produce emissions that are harmful to the environment. An electric vehicle is a great way to offset your carbon footprint while saving money on fuel. When it comes to vehicle charging options, there are two types of chargers commonly found in homes.


Level 1 – Home Charging

Many electric vehicle owners will do the bulk of their charging at home. Often, owners will plug their vehicle in to a regular home outlet using the 120 volt adaptor that is supplied with most new electric vehicles, this is called Level 1 charging. While the charging speed is slow (sometimes more than 8 hours for a full charge) it can be fine for electric vehicle owners who do less driving. Canadian Electrical Code stipulates that 120 volt receptacles intended for this use be installed on a dedicated circuit, specifically intended for this purpose.


Level 2 – Home and Public Charging

For many electric vehicle owners, a faster charging system is important for their day-to-day life. A Level 2 electric vehicle charging system uses a 240 volt circuit, and depending on the electric vehicle, could give you a full charge in 3-4 hours.

Level 2 electric vehicle charging systems are commonly found in public places, where a car will usually only be charging for a couple of hours. Level 2 chargers work on a 240 volt circuit, like the type used for common household dryers.


Level 3 – “Superchargers”

Although they are not common, level 3 charges are also available on the market. While they are costly to purchase and require approximately 80 amps of electricity (which is typically not available in most residential dwellings), they can deliver a full charge in as little as 45 minutes. For anybody interested in level 3 charging, they should start with an assessment from a qualified individual.


Electric Vehicle Charging Installation

To install a quality electric vehicle charging station, you’ll need to find a team of quality electricians. When set up properly, your electric vehicle, and its charger will more than pay for themselves down the line. Whether you’re looking to install a single high-speed home charging system, or multiple networked stations in your office or strata, the team at ProAmp Electric Ltd. is prepared to take on the task. Our experience, and our continuing dedication to quality work, makes us the right choice for your next electric vehicle charger project.

When it comes to selecting the right charging station for your home or public place, trust the professionals at ProAmp Electric. Call us today at 604-460-6683, or complete our contact form and we will respond.


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