Emergency Lighting and Exit Signs

Emergency Lighting and Exit Signs

Emergency lighting and exit signs are required by the National Building Code of Canada, the British Columbia Building Code, and the Municipal Bylaws for all businesses.

Emergency lights are essential during a power failure or if the main lighting in your building fails for any reason. These small lights are powered by integral batteries and operate for a minimum of 30 minutes after the power failure. This will allow your occupants plenty of time to safely exit the building.

Exit signs are the back-lit signs that are placed above exit doors in all businesses. These devices are also powered by integral batteries in case of a main power failure. They are simple in design but are meant to safely and effectively guide occupants towards the designated exits in the event of an emergency or power failure.

Due to the safety-oriented nature of these devices, they are required to be properly installed and in good working condition at all times. Maintaining and regularly testing the emergency lighting and exit signs in your building will allow you to avoid serious liabilities and fines.


Emergency Lighting and Exit Signs Testing Requirements

Section 6.5 of the British Columbia Fire Code states:

  • Emergency Lighting is to be inspected at intervals not greater than 1 month to ensure:
    • Pilot lights are operational
    • There is no terminal corrosion
    • Batteries are kept clean and dry
    • The unit will transfer to DC power in the event of a power failure
  • Emergency Lighting will require annual testing to ensure the devices will provide lighting for a duration equal to the design criterion under simulated power failure
  • Upon completion of an annual test, charging conditions for voltage and current are measured to ensure the charging system is functioning correctly


Installing emergency lighting and exit signs correctly is a job that requires professional help from an experienced electrician. ProAmp’s professional electricians have over 30 years of experience with commercial electrical services.  Don’t take chances with your safety or the safety of your occupants – contact us today.