Lighting Layout and Design

Commercial Lighting Layout and Design

Office reception with custom lightingThere are many things to consider when choosing lighting layout and fixtures for your business space. When lighting your business space, there are some essential factors you should consider before designing the lighting around your business space for light fixtures.

Types of Lighting

  • Ambient lighting
    Ambient lighting, also known as background or general lighting, is designed to illuminate the entire room. It aims to provide even brightness throughout the area.
  • Task lighting
    These are focused lights designed to target a specific area where a task will be done. Activities such as reading, drawing, working on the computer, and cooking may require task lighting.
  • Accent lighting
    Also known as highlighting, intends to draw a focus to a certain area of the room or object, such as an artwork, plants, or bookcase.

Commercial Fixtures

Portability, purpose of light, and room layout are important factors to consider when choosing lighting fixtures. Portability of light fixture, whether it is fixed or free-standing, may depend on personal preference or where it will be placed in the area. Purpose of light will help you decide the type of light is best suited for the job. Room layout is also an important factor to consider. Placement of windows in the room and the entrance of natural light will affect the type and placement of your fixtures. Indoor light fixtures include chandeliers, ceiling lighting, recessed lighting, and fluorescent lighting. Outdoor light fixtures include lamp posts, garden lighting, and security lighting.


There are two types of glare: disability and discomfort. Disability glare may result in the impairment on the subject’s eyesight. Discomfort glare may cause visual discomfort and an increased desire to look away from the light source. This will make it more difficult for the subject to see a task perfectly. Glares can be caused by overly-powerful light sources. To avoid glares, you may want to change the brightness, intensity, and changing where the light is aimed.


Room with custom light fixturesLastly, you would want your lighting layout and design to fit the ambiance of the room. Adjusting the brightness, finding the suitable type of lighting, the placement and number of light fixtures are some factors that will affect the atmosphere. You may want to consider the functionality of the room and the type of atmosphere you want the room to have before designing the lighting. Some rooms may have more than one type of lighting. Doing this will allow you to easily adjust the ambiance, which will be suitable for a multi-purpose room.

These are all important factors to consider when arranging lighting layouts and choosing lighting fixtures for your business space, whether it be indoors or outdoors. Here at ProAmp Electric, we offer interior and exterior lighting layout design. Contact us now to get a free quote!